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Wedding Photography in Northamptonshire

Nov 12

Photographers who specialise in the 'Spires and Squires' style love Northamptonshire for its many historic churches. One of the oldest, Earls Parton Church, has a Saxon tower from 970 AD. Its Norman door and screen date from the fifteenth century. Its 17th-century round church has been restored to its original beauty. And if you're in the market for portraits, consider a lifestyle picture session.

A unique backdrop for wedding and event photography in Northamptonshire is the Grand Union Canal. The 18th century canal was built to help transport goods from the countryside to the capital city of London. The county's prosperity increased when the River Nene was connected to the sea. There were 38 flag-draped barges waiting to make the historic canal opening ceremony. In the event of the canal's opening, canons and church bells chimed.

For wedding photography in Northamptonshire, the Grand Union Canal is a beautiful backdrop. The canal was built to connect the river Nene with the sea in 1761. The Grand Union Canal was officially opened with church bells and cannons firing, and the county was quickly prosperous. The Grand, which is a historic landmark today, was the first to connect the North and South. The canal was built in the late 1800s and is a picturesque setting for wedding photos.

The Grand Union Canal was a huge undertaking that made the county prosper. The picturesque canal makes a great backdrop for wedding photography. This historic landmark is also a great location for engagement or maternity photo sessions. For more traditional maternity sessions, an East Midlands photographer can photograph the couple in a natural outdoor setting. During pregnancy, the surroundings will complement the natural beauty of the new mother and the baby. There are many locations to choose from, and the location you select is entirely up to you.

Wedding photography in Northamptonshire is affordable and can be done in any location. The cost of Northamptonshire wedding photography starts at PS250 for a two-hour session and additional hours are charged at PS100 per hour. Travel charges may apply if the event takes place outside of Northants. The client will receive a link to edit high-resolution digital files. They can also purchase a generic USB drive for an additional PS20. A watermarked copy of the photograph can be posted to Facebook and shared on social networking sites.

Wedding photography in Northamptonshire is more affordable than you may think. The price starts at PS250 for two-hour sessions and goes up from there. Extra hours are charged at PS100 per hour. For a larger event, the photographer may have to travel outside of Northants. The client receives edited high-resolution digital files via an online link or via a generic USB drive. The digital files are watermarked and can be added to Facebook or shared on social media.

Photographers in Northamptonshire specialise in weddings. A wedding photographer in Northamptonshire will be able to capture all of the details of the wedding. Whether the bride and groom are getting married in the city or countryside, the location is an important factor in selecting the right kind of photographer. There are a variety of photographers in Northamptonshire. There are several photographers who specialise in maternity photography. The prices vary according to the type of photographer, but wedding photography in Northamptonshire is not cheap.

The Grand Union Canal is a historic backdrop in Northamptonshire. It is one of the most beautiful settings for a wedding. It connects the country to the sea and makes the county flourish. In 1761, the River Nene connected to the sea, making the county prosperous. The canal was officially opened with church bells pealing and cannons firing, making Northamptonshire an ideal place for a wedding.

The Grand Union Canal is a picturesque backdrop for a Northamptonshire wedding. It's an iconic image in the area, and it provides a picturesque backdrop for a wedding photo shoot. It also makes for great maternity portraits. It's an excellent backdrop for a family photo. You'll be delighted with the results of the photos. There are many locations in Northamptonshire where a photographer can capture beautiful maternity photographs.